Compliance is an on-going, and time consuming process. Multiple taxes to be paid. Several laws to be complied with. Multiple filings to be made to various statutory agencies. Disparate dates of filings to be tracked. Various books to be maintained, and disparate calculation methodologies to be supported, based on the rules and regulations laid down by each statutory Act governing these filings. 

All this notwithstanding, you cannot afford to compromise on the accuracy of these filings. Non-compliance can also cost your organization a lot of money in terms of penalties and loss of reputation in the market – a chance that you cannot afford to take.

Compliance iNBOX is an intuitive solution developed to address this very pressing need to simplify compliance management across the organization. Developed by a team of practicing CAs, CPAs, and financial stalwarts from Boston Financial Advisory Group (BFAG), Compliance iNBOX brings to you the promise of timely and accurate compliance without the typical cost and hassle associated with it.