Boston Financial Advisory Group (BFAG) is a one-stop-shop for all your accounting and financial consulting needs. We are a premier provider of managed financial accounting, consulting, and advisory services.

Led by seasoned CFOs, with decades of experience in the manufacturing, technology, trading, and services industries, BFAG is the financial outsourcing partner of choice for several companies across the world.

With BFAG, you need look no further for any of your financial and advisory needs. Our team comprises a group of highly accomplished CPAs, CAs, corporate counselors, and legal professionals who bring with them many years of experience in their chosen field; the team works cohesively to offer you comprehensive end-to-end accounting, consulting and advisory services.

Our rich industry experience has enabled us to develop a keen insight into the myriad accounting and financial needs of our customers and offer out-of-the-box solutions that are suitably customized to meet their specific requirements.

At BFAG, we use an optimum blend of people and technology. While on the one hand we have a team of experts to provide consulting and advisory services, on the other, we make efficient use of technology to handle routine financial activities that are time consuming and error-prone in the manual environment. We also offer a personalized dashboard to easily obtain all management information at the click of a button to aid quick decision making.

Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose us over others:

  • Led by a dynamic group of experienced CFOs and CPAs
  • Proven expertise in financial analysis, management accounting, consulting, and strategic decision making
  • Corporate counsel and legal professionals to provide professional advice on Government norms and the regulatory environment
  • Process experts to manage, improve, and automate, wherever necessary, routine and strategic financial activities
  • Assurance of complete confidentiality of sensitive financial data
  • Tools to easily obtain real-time management information with minimal effort and manual intervention.



To be a leading outsourcing and advisory partner for the SME sector worldwide that provides analytical information, technology, and domain expertise quickly and cost effectively.


Providing excellence to everyone we work with and building our success story over the foundation laid by the five pillars of excellence - excellence in advice, excellence in outsourcing services, excellence in domain knowledge, excellence in processes, and excellence in technology.