Let’s see Compliance iNBOXin action: Mr. Henry Wilding, CFO of XYZ Inc., has to comply with the Advance Taxes provisions applicable to the company. He wants to assign the work to his employee Mr. Jack Don, who is out on a business trip for two weeks. In the conventional scenario, Mr. Wilding would have had to wait for Mr. Don to return before assigning the work to him.

However, Mr. Wilding, is a user of Compliance iNBOX. He logs into the solution and assigns the Advance Taxes management task to Mr. Don, who immediately receivesan email notification for the same. Mr. Don can log into this SaaS-based solution from anywhere and quickly acquaint himself with the task at hand.

He can use the help documents and standard documents, Process, Related applicable Lawsto complete the task and upload all his workings and closure documents online. 

An automatic mail is sent to Mr. Wilding once the task is completed. Mr. Wilding can log into Compliance iNBOX to review the task. If he finds something amiss, he can reopen the task and ask for clarifications. Once Mr. Don provides the additional information and makes the necessary changes, Mr. Wilding can review the changes and mark the task as complete. This way, the entire work is completed even before Mr. Don returns from his trip! Not a day is lost and the work is done to perfection.