Breakaway from the pack with COMPLIANCE iNBOX !!

Time to streamline your compliance management process by eliminating all the hassles and costs involved!

With the help of COMPLIANCE iNBOX, you can manage all your compliance-related activities by avoiding the penalties & meeting the primary requirements. By giving full control & visibility, this application helps to monitor what is happening inside & outside the company. Also, it is 100% SAAS based and does not require to install or upgrade any hardware or software.

Want to know more about this newest addition to our family? Let us dive into the features of COMPLIANCE iNBOX –


  • Organize your workplace

Finding it difficult to manage your files? We have got you covered. CiB has Dataroom that can help you to store your files systematically and securely. Also, you can grant access to others & provide them control to either make changes or just view the files. It helps in monitoring, reviewing & keeping track of the due dates, which in turn helps in avoiding any kind of delay.

  • Content management

Proper content management takes place when everyone knows how to work effectively. With COMPLIANCE iNBOX, you can do that easily. You can manage the content as well as the files properly by getting access to the documents quickly & whenever required as all the data is stored on cloud storage hosted on AWS.

  • Compliance management

From laws & regulations to internal management, you can manage all the compliance-related activities properly. Keep track of the activities like the payments, due date,& compliance filings.

  • Compliance Act

There are almost 20+ acts that are covered under the compliance activities, and we make sure that everything is done according to the guidelines.

  • Quick access

You can manage and get quick access from any device & anywhere you want. So, in case you are traveling & cannot carry your laptop, you can sign in & keep an eye on the documents via mobile phone and also make certain changes if required.

  • Multiple-use creation

COMPLIANCE iNBOX gives multiple user creation where you can grant access to people in the organization based on hierarchy. It helps in saving a lot of time & simplifies the entire process.

  • Configuration & Customization

With COMPLIANCE iNBOX, you do not need to worry about the configuration or customization. With CiB, you can design and configure your workflow & customize your tracking mechanisms, alerts & reports, which in turn can simplify your overall process. It is agile & adaptive which helps in the seamless growth of the business.

  • Data security

We understand the importance of, data & so we focus on maintaining high data security. We also use various administrative controls to make sure that the information is safe with us.

  • Free training

We provide free training regarding how to make the best use of our COMPLIANCE iNBOX. We will be helping all those who will be using this amazing tool, all the features of CiB & it uses properly.

Don’t fret! You can indeed get all these features in a single application named COMPLIANCE iNBOX. Why not give us a call & find more about us? We are here to help you. Also, we provide free training & support regarding the use of COMPLIANCE iNBOX.

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