Handle your financial filings at ease with COMPLIANCE iNBOX

Who can Leverage?

Any person or organization which needs to streamline and have complete control over project management, resource management, compliances, data management & control. In short, below persons should use COMPLIANCE iNBOX

  • Chief Financial Officer and CXOs
  • Auditors and Corporate Counselors
  • Promotors, Partners, Stakeholders
  • Project Managers

With the E-audit feature, the audit will be over in a jiffy. The auditor can have complete view and control over the audit activities plus the stake holders would be aware of audit progress at any given moment of time thus ensuring timely completion of audit activity.

financial compliance

Chief Financial Officer and CXOs

corporate compliance management

Auditors and Corporate Counselors

regulatory compliance

Promotors, Partners, Stakeholders

compliance management

Project Managers

Outcome for Business

  • Time taken to manage compliance activities reduced to a great extent
  • Ensures faster response to the dynamic regulatory environment
  • Task & Resource management ensuring complete control
  • Minimal follow-ups required on account of Compliance
  • Increase in efficiency and reduction in compliance costs

With CiB you can

  • Design, Assign & Manage the workflow
  • Dashboard & Reporting, View all on single screen
  • Manage Projects, Tasks& Resources
  • Track Due dates and view compliance history
  • Have Recurring alerts, Notifications, SMS
  • Do Safe &Secure Data Sharing
  • Have Complete control over data
  • Huge savings on Cost & Time



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