Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate in an increasingly digital world. However, many outfits tend to be skeptical about deploying cloud technology in their business. Here’s one reason to consider this technology for your business if you haven’t already – REGULATORY COMPLIANCE.

The function of compliance is considered difficult and resource-intensive. Regulations are expected to expand and so is the associated cost of compliance. Cloud Computing and similar technologies can make compliance easier and at a higher standard than most businesses are used to.

Let’s see a couple of reasons how.

A BETTER HANDLE ON COMPLIANCE ACTIVITIES: An enterprise-level solution based on cloud technology offers a much better grip on company-owned devices. For quite some time, even simple activities like updating software were dependent on either the individual user or an IT staff. That meant that different devices could be running on disparate software versions, leaving them vulnerable to security threats. Company-wide deployment of cloud technology ensures that business owners can ensure homogeneity in device software and make compliance easy. This not only makes the local IT infrastructure compliant with any applicable regulation, but it also ensures that it is easier to monitor and communicate between departments, especially for audit purposes.

Cloud Computing also makes record-keeping easy by streamlining it. With a central management system, record keeping can be automated, thus reducing worries about hunting for documents or people when it’s time to file compliance records.

ENHANCED SECURITY: Given the sensitive nature of records for compliance, security becomes paramount. Cloud Computing not only ensures secure documentation, but it also plugs any vulnerabilities caused by different network configurations and remote access to information. Cloud Computing providers tend to be forward-looking when it comes to security and since this is their primary activity, they remain ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping records safe. This allows clients time to focus on their businesses rather than worry about compliance.

These are just two benefits of cloud Computing and may be compelling enough for you to consider this technology for your business. Fortunately, there is a solution available for making compliance easy – COMPLIANCE iNBOX.

This tool has been developed by BA Fintech  –  A joint venture between Boston Financial Advisory Group and Avanze Tech Labs,  with the aim to integrate and streamline compliance management. It has comprehensive coverage of regulations that apply to businesses.

Users can benefit from its neat and comprehensive Dashboard which outlines the status of all compliance and audit activities that a business needs to undergo. It can generate dynamic reports which can visually display the status of compliance.

Further, the tool is completely SaaS (software as a service) based and does not require businesses to install or buy new hardware or software. This consistency makes it stand out among similar offerings. It also ensures performance, security, and longevity with minimal IT overhead.

The tool’s usefulness makes it a worthy contender to ensure a high level of compliance management for your business.

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