Comprehensive view on single screen regarding status of various compliance and audit activities across the organisation. Dynamic reports in the form of charts, graphs, data grids


Resource Engagement Management and overall control. Assign, Monitor, Review. Role based access to owners, managers, resources thru encrypted User id’s and Passwords.


Integrated Document management, Policy management, repository of compliance obligations. Safe and secure data sharing. Store, Retrieve, share documents.


Audit plan tracker with Audit Trail. Independent access to Auditors, can restrict change once activity completed

Compliance calendar

Alerts, Triggers, Notifications. You never miss the Due date

Financial Analytics

Integrated with Financial Accounting Software. All real time financial reports can be viewed/accessed thru this feature


Integrated chatroom facility.One can simply type messages, give instructions, receive replies. All communication traces are available


All applicable statutes such as Income Tax, Indirect Tax, Labour Laws, Corporate Laws.


Workflow of Compliance iNBox


E-Audit Workflow: –

  1. Audit Partner works with Audit Manager to understand the type of Audit Plan requirement for a company.Audit Manager works with Audit Partner to create the Audit Plan.
  2. Audit Manager creates the Audit Plan for a company with all necessary requirements of audit documents and assign the activities to Resources.
  3. Company Manager acknowledge the received Audit Plan and assign the same to Company Resources.
  4. Company resources work on the activities and provides all necessary details to Company Manager for initial review.
  5. Company Manager conduct initial review and send to Audit Team for final review.
  6. Audit Resources checks all the provided details and moves the same to Audit Manager for final review.


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