The Power of CiB Compliance in your hands


COMPLIANCE iNBOX covers all major laws and acts and offers unparalleled ability to quickly configure workflows, alerts and tracking mechanisms, and customizable reports with great ease. The solution features key components to automatically monitor pertinent regulatory requirements, organize compliance documentation, projects, and activities, conduct audits and self-assessments, collect and manage issues and incidents, and also demonstrate proof of compliance.

COMPLIANCE iNBOX is designed with the vision of providing one seamless platform that will address all of your GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) needs.


COMPLIANCE iNBOX is designed for ease of use and minimal training. As a solution developed for busy professionals, COMPLIANCE iNBOX includes a range of tools and features to quickly configure and automate recurring flows and processes. Compliance professionals, risk managers, internal auditors, and business professionals charged with ensuring regulatory and legal compliance can work directly with the system without relying on support from their internal IT staff. Not only does COMPLIANCE iNBOX reduce your dependence on manual processes and documentation, but it also ensures that you are always prepared for audits or board reporting requirements.


COMPLIANCE iNBOX is designed for SaaS delivery that does not require you to install, maintain, or upgrade any expensive hardware or software.This consistent design is unusual in an industry that has seen many disparate products being force-fit together. This very important attribute helps us ensure performance, security, and longevity with minimal IT overhead for our customers.With no software to distribute or maintain, extending your system access to include your business partners and contractors is also very easy. Regulators will also appreciate the ease of remote, online access compared to searching through printed manuals.


COMPLIANCE iNBOX present easy solution to many challenges faced by professionals in disparate roles. It provides a clear understanding of tasks to be performed and the time available for completion. User level access and view can be easily defined/restricted.

Account managers can easily track tasks delegated to subordinates. Professionals such as CPA’s, CA’s, CMA’s can rely on COMPLIANCE iNBOX to manage regulatory compliance on behalf of their clients. For Auditors, the dependence on company staff to share documents on time and obtain all information is greatly reduced.

Corporate CXOs can rely on COMPLIANCE iNBOX to monitor and manage statutory, regulatory, and internal compliance with great ease.


COMPLIANCE iNBOX is built for scale, the solution seamlessly grows with demands of your growing business. The unified design of COMPLIANCE iNBOX affords a great deal of flexibility as your needs change in the future. Adding new applications or expanding to include new divisions or acquired organizations requires minimal effort. The system is designed for adaptability to address your immediate compliance and risk management needs today, and your unforeseen needs down the road. Fully customizable.



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